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Including Us

At Including Inclusion we meet you where you are and partner with you on your journey to where you want to be.

You set the goals. We help you achieve them.


Including Our Why

We create spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

We know what it's like to need a safe space to share and work through your challenges without fear of judgement or being "cancelled." We also know what it's like to feel like no one is actually listening to you while telling you what's best for you. We've been there ourselves and that's why we're committed to providing a judgement-free, trauma-informed environment where we genuinely care about you, your story, and your goals.


Including Our Vision

We envision a world where empowered individuals empower each other. When we feel safe to show up as our true, authentic selves, we make space for others to do the same.

Including Our Values

At Including Inclusion we value authenticity, collaboration, integrity, safety, transparency, kindness, voice and choice.

Could you benefit from partnering with people who truly care? Let's connect and explore the possibilities together.

Owner & Chief Executive Officer


After spending my life navigating spaces that felt like they weren't built for people like me, I decided that being bitter was too draining. I had to get better instead. I created Including Inclusion and my nonprofit Safe Spaces Incorporated to offer the services that have helped me on my journey and added a few I wish I had along the way.


Yoga Instructor. Empowerment Coach. Inclusion Consultant. Career Mentor. Speaker. I deliver all of my services with the knowledge and compassion of someone who has been there and back.

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