Including Us

At Including Inclusion we embrace possibility thinking because we know that what is, isn't the limit on what could be. We partner with individuals on a transformative journey to achieving personal success by their own definitions. We support leaders ready to transform their company's culture by identifying and addressing core challenges and opportunities for greatness.

We meet you where you are and partner with you on your journey to where you want to be.

You set the goals. We help you achieve them.

Including Our Why

At Including Inclusion, our mission is to create a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

We know what it's like to need a safe space to share and work through your challenges without fear of judgement or being "cancelled." We also know what it's like to feel like no one is actually listening to you while telling you what's best for you. We've been there ourselves and that's why we're committed to providing clients with a judgement-free, trauma-informed environment where we genuinely care about you, your story, and what you want for your life and business.

Including Our Vision

We envision a world where empowered individuals empower each other. When we feel confident enough to show up as our true, authentic selves, we make space for others to do the same.

Including Our Values

At Including Inclusion we value authenticity, collaboration, integrity, safety, transparency, kindness, voice and choice.

Could you benefit from partnering with people who truly care? Let's connect and explore the possibilities together.


Owner & Chief Executive Officer


Stacey is an experienced Inclusion Strategist and Empowerment Coach who has spent 15 years working in the human resources and DEI&B spaces. She prides herself on her natural ability to connect the dots by connecting with people. Stacey ensures successful outcomes for her clients by asking the right questions, thoughtfully listening to responses, and partnering with her clients on achievable solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Stacey's passion for DEI&B comes from her experiences being an "only" in many of her learning, working, and living spaces. After spending her whole life navigating spaces that weren't built for people like her nor inclusive of those living with the impact of complex trauma, Stacey now devotes her energy to creating spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, valued and safe being their authentic selves.

Stacey uses her lived experiences as the foundation for her work as a Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Writer, and Speaker, in hopes of helping others feel less alone. Having discovered the benefits of practicing yoga as a high school student, Stacey now also shares that gift with others as a certified Yoga Instructor.